Suppose you receive an excellent offer to buy your home just one week after it has been placed on the market. Because you know an under priced house sells quickly, you may be skeptical of a good offer which comes in promptly. It is human nature to argue that “If I received such a good offer after only one week, what would I get by waiting a while longer?” Maybe never another offer as good.

A true bargain, however, is usually snapped up within a day or two. After a week, you can assume that the market is operating normally. Experience has shown that the first few offers are the best ones. This is because a new home on the market is exposed to a large group of potential buyers. Your best offer is likely to come from the group.

Be cautious, then, about rejecting a first offer out of hand. Excellent, non-conditional offers come from serious buyers. Don’t expect them to be around for long.