It’s a lot easier to sell a home than to sell a house! When preparing your home for prospective buyers. Use some subtle showmanship to help set the right atmosphere:
Give your home a restful, happy, inviting look.

For evening inspection, brighten your home from the front door light on through all – rooms in the house. Little decorator touches— a vase of flowers, a plant, small pillows— can add much to the comfortable feeling of a, home.

If you are having your home shown in the winter, a crackling fire in the fireplace adds irresistible attraction. A working fireplace is a major attraction to home buyers.
A large mirror can make a room look larger. Properly placed, it can reflect and magnify many of your best selling points. Definitely turn off the TV and turn on soft background music on the stereo to create the subtle– lived-in atmosphere. Your prospects are buying more than a house— they are buying a new way of life. So make your home ALIVE.