It is not unusual for a home to be vacated some time after it is sold, but before papers are passed.

In many cases, the owner relocates to a distant city and leaves the closing details in the hands of a realtor or attorney. In such a case, certain arrangements should be made before you leave. Power of attorney must be granted to the attorney who will be signing the contract for the seller.

Be sure the realtor or attorney has your new address and telephone number. A blank deposit slip may be given to the realtor or attorney for depositing the proceeds from your settlement or check can be mailed.

Preparation for the deed transferring title must be made.  The deed should remain in the possession of the lawyer or realtor to facilitate this procedure. Insurance coverage should be verified. Also, landscape cleanup/ preparation has to be done, final gas & electric meter readings & oil readings have to be made at the appropriate time, but utilities should be left on until the closing where all adjustments will be made. Your realtor can attend to the house and if you are represented by an attorney or your realtor, you do not have to be present during the closing.