It takes a lot of courage to invest in real estate: You can look-at dozens of houses, find the ideal investment, and conclude that there is no way to lose. But when it comes time to actually sign that check for the purchase, you may find your hand shaking a bit.

The only advice I can offer to be your own boss. Listen to others but always make that final decision yourself. If it will makeyou feel any better, we rarely find any home owner who concluded that the purchase of their home was a bad investment.

When is it the best time to make an offer once you have decided on a particular property? The best advice is to make it as soon as you possibly can once you have decided to go ahead. Once you have decided to buy, do not wait even one hour before you arrange to make an offer. There is always the chance that someone else may beat you to it, especially if you are convinced that it is the best home for you at the best price.