Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of combustion. It’s colorless and odorless – that’s what makes it dangerous. People don’t know CO is present until they begin having symptoms. These can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and confusion in earlier stages. Then come coma and death.

Fuel burning appliances such as furnaces, hot water heaters, kerosene or gas space heaters and kitchen ranges can release CO into home air.

Automobile engines are potent sources of CO. every year over 500 in this country die of unintentional CO poisoning. This is especially true if your garage is attached to or located below living quarters. Almost 6 out of 10 deaths from CO poisoning are due to motor vehicle exhaust, often from warming up a car in a garage. Never run your car engine in a garage. For early detection, have a CO detector installed in the sleeping area or adjacent hall. Lastly as an added safely precaution you should also install a smoke/ heat detector. Make a note to change your batteries on a yearly basis or when needed.