Buying a home has never been an easy task and it’s not getting any easier. Home values continue to increase faster than the cost of living. We see would-be buyers who have searched for months to find a “dream home” only to find out they could not qualify for a loan for that price house.

Ironically, it’s a heartache most buyers can avoid simply by doing a bit of arithmetic and talking with their Realtor or Lender BEFORE they start hunting for a new home. If you know how much the bank will lend you PRIOR to your house hunting, you won’t waste time looking for a house you may not be able to afford.

At our office, we are familiar with most of the banks in our area and can recommend a loan officer to visit with. If you bring your financial numbers along (assets, debts, gross income, expenses, etc.), he or she can give you an estimate of how much the bank will lend you. Then you’ll have something solid to work with and can look for a home that fits your budget.