If you are about to close a sale of your home, there are steps you should be aware of to make the closing as smooth as possible. Normally, you and your attorney will be responsible for drawing the new deed and bringing this document to the closing. The purchase of tax stamps may also be necessary. You will need a copy of your most recent tax bill, which should be receipted if it has been paid. If the insurance or mortgage is to be assumed by the new buyer, you will need these payment books, policies, etc.

When the sale involves income, as for rental properties, the seller should bring leases, rent schedules, escrow statements for deposits held and a letter to be sent to tenants notifying them of the ownership change. Of course, you would also bring keys, garage door openers, and the like to the closing. Also, l or 2 days before the closing, call your utility companies for readings to be given in at closing, lastly, compile a change of address list to be sent out to everyone you know 2-3 weeks prior to closing.

If you choose our agency to handle the sale of your home, you’ll be sure that all the bases will be covered. Then you can walk out with cash in hand and celebrate.