Curb appeal is an often overworked term when it comes to selling a home, but a house that is prepared successfully will sell faster and for a greater value than the one that appears run down and in need of work. Just like dressing up for a fancy dinner, the same applies to a home when getting it ready to sell. That’s not to say that a complete facelift needs to be done In order to bring a good price. In most instances, some very inexpensive but effective types of cosmetic improvements can make a significant difference.

Things like cutting and trimming lawns, installing a few well-placed plants, cleaning out garages and closets, eliminating clutter, painting outside trim, shampooing carpets or picking them up to expose your hardwood floors and cleaning or painting some inside walls can go a long way in presenting a home in. its most favorable light. Our agents can take an objective look at a home and give advice on what inexpensive touches would help in dressing a home for sale.