As the use of fireplaces increases so does the incidence of home fires caused by careless disregard for its danger.

Some safety tips:
Burn only recommended fuels.
Don’t use liquid lighter of any kind.
Do not burn household garbage or trash Use only one pressed log at a time and don’t mix them with other fuels.
Never use charcoal – it creates carbon monoxide gas.
Don’t make a fire too big. It could produce a chimney fire.
Placing your grate closer than five inches to glass doors may overheat and crack them. Before starting a fire always be sure the flue damper is open.
Use a spark screen or glass door to prevent sparks from popping onto the floor or carpet. Keep afire extinguisher close by at all times. Do not leave children unattended around fire. Always leave dampers open until the fire is completely out. Smoldering coals produce highly poisonous carbon monoxide gas.