In the arena of real estate transactions – there are two parties to every transaction – a buyer and a seller. Some sellers have the mistaken impression that they are at a financial advantage when negotiating directly with a prospective buyer. They couldn’t be more mistaken!

Never underestimate the hard financial bargaining ability of the average buyer. Frankly, if the typical buyer knows you are not selling through a realtor, right off the bat he’ll expect you to deduct the commission for his or her benefit before you even start serious negotiations.

Then you’re on your own, possibly at a great disadvantage, in the intricate area of financing, negotiating, and protecting yourself from all sorts of do-it yourself pitfalls.

You’ve got a lot invested in your home. It makes sense to list it with a realtor. He or she will sell it for you hopefully for the best price, in the shortest time and with the least amount of glitches.