Selling an empty house presents some problems. For example, the very lack of furniture and personal items make the rooms appear smaller and less clean. Buyers notice the shaded spots on the walls where pictures once hung, children’s hand prints, and especially every stain on the empty wall-to-wall carpeting. They have nothing else to look at. There is a feeling of a house rather than a home.

When looking at an empty house, most buyers imagine their own furniture as much larger than it really is, and often decide that certain rooms are just “too small.”
So, if you are selling an empty house, be certain that room sizes are specified clearly on your listing and leave the house spotless. Make sure the carpet is professionally cleaned. Walls and ceilings should be carefully scrubbed and painted where needed. Arrange to keep the grounds landscaped on a regular basis. An empty house will sell, but you have to give it a little Tender Loving Care.