A sudden transfer to a new position out of town is not all that unusual in the business world. A problem immediately confronts the family concerning the sale of their home. Should they all move – spouse, children, and furnishings, to the new town before the house is sold? This would leave the realtor an empty house to sell. Is this a good idea?

Not really. There’s a saying in real estate that’s repeated over and over again, and it’s still valid: “don’t sell a house, sell a home!” a home has furniture in it. When prospects look at a furnished home, they relate to it as possibly being their future home. They do this because it’s furnished, even though their own sofa, chairs, lamps, pictures, etc. are not there. A furnished home is much easier to sell than an empty house. Furthermore, a room with furniture and accessories look bigger than an empty room. Oh yes – a furnished home will often sell for more than an empty one.