Congratulations! Part one is over. You’ve just sold your home and now you look forward to the next step — finding a new one. Although this can be very exciting, several points must be kept in mind.

If you retain me as your broker, we will need to find a home that is within your budget. This will include how much you can afford in monthly payments and taking into consideration how much you will have toward a down payment from the sale of your old home or if you

will pay for the entire purchase, how much will you spend? Also, location, size, number of bedrooms and any amenities that are Important should be listed by priority. In this manner, when we look at properties, you can be focused on the homes, condos or co-ops that will fit your needs. We can also service you in all of L I, Queens, & Manhattan.
Once we are organized I can help eliminate those homes, condos or co-ops which do not fit your needs and concentrate on the ones on the market that match your requirements and price range. Here we go!