When house hunting today, it makes sense to check into the house’s energy efficiency. Here are some items to look for:

Is the attic floor insulated with at least six inches of fiberglass or other material if it is not used space? Attic insulation of only six inches will save 14% on any annual fuel bill.
Are all windows and doors in the house weather-stripped and caulked? This simple measure can save at least 12% on your annual energy bill. If they are not, you should spend a Saturday afternoon .doing the job if you buy the house.

Does the house have storm doors and storm windows? Are they in good condition? If they are a few years old, they may need some inexpensive caulking to keep them airtight.
Does the house have clock-thermostat? Automatic thermostats protect you from your own forgetfulness. Turning down your thermostat ten degrees at night can save 11% on your heating bill.