A house is the most important purchase most families ever make. Yet, many people go house hunting in a remarkably casual way and sometimes end up making costly mistakes. Some pointers:
Shop the market. Look at old houses and new ones in a wide range of prices — not just in the price you expect to spend. This information will be valuable when you narrow your search.
Make sure you choose the best location your dollar can buy. This is important when it comes time to resell. You can change a house but not a location.

Don’t fall in love with one eye- catching feature and buy the wrong house. Bear in mind that these same alluring features can usually be added to another house at a very small cost.
House hunting by searching out classified ads and for-sale signs is a waste of valuable time. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your Realtor will have most of the listings in town at his or her fingertips.