Buying a home is not simply a financial decision. It is also a very emotional decision. Buying a home is not like buying a share of General Motors or investing in a mutual fund. A home, particularly your first home, reflects the yearnings, the hopes, and the pride of a lifetime. Buying a home is “investing with your heart.”

True, it is an important financial investment — perhaps the biggest in your life. You will have to decide whether you can afford the down payment, the closing costs, the carrying costs. In actuality, your lender will probably have most of the answers for you when you apply for a loan.

Your first question should be the most important – and it is not financial. Ask yourself if this is REALLY the home you want to live in .A house is an investment. A home is where you live. When buying a home, if you don’t think you will be happy in it, the financial considerations will be meaningless.