When selling your home with an agent, there is one basic caveat: don’t hide anything especially a defect in the condition of your property. Failure to do so can create all sorts of interesting situations – none of them are good.

Your agent will need information about taxes (senior/veterans and star exemptions), heating costs, age of house, insulation, plumbing, and waste disposal, wiring capacity, room sizes, and warranties on appliances.

Buyers may assume that you will leave any personal property that is affixed to the house – like chandeliers, wall to wall carpeting, draperies, and appliances. If you plan to take such items with you, (personal property exclusions) inform your agent. This can help prevent misunderstanding later.

Communication works both ways. Your agents should regularly report the progress of his or her marketing efforts. Keeping lines of communications open will help maintain a strong working relationship and a more effective sales effort.