If you’ve ever tried to sell your own home, I’m sure it didn’t take long to discover that it’s a full time job.

“Sorry George, but you can’t go to the ball game today; we have to show the house at 2 p.m.” A familiar tune?

If you sell your home the professional way, through our office, you’ll not only get the best price for it, but you won’t have to be a slave to it. Turn the keys over to me, George, and go to the ball game. No longer will you have to stay home all weekend. You won’t be missing a beat. In fact, most experienced agents prefer NOT to have the owner about when they bring prospects by. Prospects feel freer to discuss the house when you are not around.

The very fact that it’s you who may be showing them around your home will inhibit prospects. They may not feel comfortable making a thorough inspection as they would with us. As a result the prospect might overlook the very feature she wants that could close the sale. Making sure nothing is overlooked is our job.