If you’re so afraid you won’t qualify for a mortgage that you’re afraid to apply for one, relax! Lenders say that 85% of all mortgage applicants are approved, so you are more than likely to be one of the fortunate ones. After all, banks are in the business of lending money. Unless the country is sailing through some very troubled economic waters, making mortgage money available is their job.

If you are nervous about securing a mortgage approval, take some preliminary steps to see how you might rate with a lender. Better yet, visit three so you can acquaint yourself with various financing programs. Do some comparison shopping that will lead you to the best deal.

Ask the officer if you would qualify for a home loan with your income and in which price range you should be looking. No lender can make a firm mortgage commitment without a formal application which can be done before or after finding your home, but he or she can tell you if you’re in the ball park. Also, you have options to lock in a set interest rate up to 90 days.