Wouldn’t it be nice if selling a house was like selling a watermelon? Here’s the melon – here’s the money. Couldn’t be simpler. Then there’s real estate. Intricate and complicated financial steps must be taken by Realtors who know their business to put together a binding sale in today’s unique mortgage market. Often, it is this financial acumen that is the deciding factor in completing a successful sale of property.

You, as the seller can help even before the for-sale sign goes up. Check with one or more local banks (especially the one that holds your mortgage). Determine from the loan officer the size of the mortgage loan that might be available to a family with a good credit rating. It’s a question that’s sure to be asked sooner or later.

While doing the checking, consider the possibility, if your finances permit, of accepting a second mortgage should a buyer with acceptable credit be unable to raise all the required down payment.