Real Estate brokerage is primarily a listing and selling (consulting!) business. It is no secret that almost every real estate office would like the opportunity to list your home, condo; co-op, or commercial property for sale or rent. Many offices offer market price estimates at no charge to homeowners and landlords. A market price estimate usually consists of agent previewing the interior and exterior of the home and, based on his or her experience, verbally estimating the value of the home. The verbal market estimate is a ‘guesstimate’ or B.RO. (Broker Price Opinion) and, should not be mistaken for a formal written CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) appraisal (which also may be needed for insurance or legal matters).

A CMA appraisal is a written report based on the research of variables, such as comparable sales, new available and unavailable (expired) property, construction costs, market and financing conditions, etc. Photographs and/or videos will be an integral piece of the pie in determining a fair market asking (listing) price. It is much better to price the property at or slightly above the average “sold” price to create serious activity leading -to bona fide, legitimate offers (which will minimize “tire kickers” and shoppers) than to set a price that is “pie in the sky”. Don’t confuse the two. A free market estimate is a defensible formal document. We can provide you with a free, no obligation Color CMA.

A great majority of real estate agents are part-timers. The expertise one requires to price a residential or commercial property is acquired through years of classroom and real world training, credibility and integrity, and truly requires a full time professional. Would you hire a part-time surgeon or dentist; or would you frequent a store that was only open two days a week? Why entrust the most valuable asset a family may own in today’s market to somebody who doesn’t have the experience of a time-tested professional? However, people do it every day. Don’t let this happen to you! So, to find the consummate real estate professional with all of the combined qualities described above, call PHIL at TURN KEY REAL ESTATE – we are here full-time, seven days a week to discuss and meet all of your real estate needs and wants!