Before you become a “FSBO” (For Sale By Owner), here’s a Quiz.

1. What is your home really worth? The correct selling price on a home is vital. Too high and it won’t sell and you’ll lose the best prospects. Too low and you may actually lose money.

2. How do you qualify a prospect? When prospects inquire about your property and you are tempted to enter into a purchase agreement, how can you protect yourself from non-productive involvements?

3. Are you willing to admit all strangers who want to see your home? Your For-Sale-By-Owner sign is an open invitation for all types of people and it’s difficult for you to question their motives.

4. How do you solve the prospects problems? Many buyers must sell or finance their present homes before they can buy another. Creative financing is a critical factor in selling a home.

Sell your home, the professional way, through a Realtor. *FSBO (For Sale By Owner)