What should a homeowner do during the showing of the house?

Hiring a knowledgeable and professional broker should allow the owners to feel they do not need to be around.

This is what they are getting paid to do!

Often, it’s best that the homeowner not be present at all. Prospects feel that they should not criticize a home when the owner is present. However, part of the realtor’s job is ferreting out their objections, and then offsetting them. Many sales have been made immediately after clearing out such doubts. With the owner around, the problem that is blocking the sale may never be known.

If the owner is at home when the realtor arrives with the prospects, it would be best to withdraw after the introductions. It is not necessary to be present to fill in any awkward gaps in conversations. Its during such gaps that many prospects make up their mind to buy.

If you are going to be around during the showing, you can brew a pot of coffee or iced tea and take the pets out for a walk or turn them out in the yard.

Also, your broker should be made aware of the following things: types of heating system/fuel, age of home, total verifiable taxes without exemptions if any, improvements made & are C.O.’s (certificate of occupancy) available, copy of survey.