It’s a fact that 85 to 90% of those who sell their homes buy another as a replacement. How do you coordinate the selling of one home and the concurrent buying of another? Should you wait until you sell your first home and then look for the replacement or should you put your present home on the market and immediately go out and buy another even before the sale is complete?
First, you’ll want to know how much your first house will bring in today’s market. This will give you an idea of the funds you’ll have available for your new purchase. Second, how much time must be reasonably allocated to sell and close on your present home? Third you’ll want to explore the new home market locally or domestically to make sure what you want is available. Will your newer home choice be easy to find or will your search take longer than you might expect.
It’s not easy to coordinate the needs of- buyers as well as sellers.
Fortunately, we have long experience in this area and can help you. We can also relocate buyers and sellers domestically and internationally.