An old house can in many instances, be sold as easily as a new one. The right selling strategy and a few improvements can raise the selling price significantly. Here are a few suggestions:
Invest in a complete cleaning, repainting or wallpapering. Re-carpet or have the carpets cleaned, especially if you have pets.

With the trend to smaller families and working wives, it may be desirable to convert 2 smaller bedrooms and advertise a four bedroom house as two bedrooms, library and den.
The exterior is crucial. It’s the first thing a buyer sees. Paint or replace shutters if needed. Clean and repair the porch and remove clutter. Repaint porch furniture.

Landscaping makes a great difference and can sell (or un-sell) a house. Also, good real estate agents are vital to a quick sale. However, sometimes the buyers will knockdown the older home to build a new one. So get advice as to whether you should invest any at all! They’ll work hard to show the house and help put together the right financial package. Homes, like people, can get better as they age.