You have a leak under the sink and try to fix it yourself. You mess up the job and it ends up costing you more than if you had called in a plumber in the first place. No big deal. But if you botch the job of selling your home, you could be sorry for a lifetime.

Homeowners will occasionally tackle the job of selling their own homes with the mistaken idea that they can save themselves the Realtor’s fee. This makes as much sense as treating your own illness to save a doctor’s fee.

In today’s financial climate, the Realtor’s knowledge of showing, advising & consulting, financing and supply of qualified prospective buyers already in the market for a home just like yours is of extreme value to a seller.

In addition, selling real estate is a full-time job and a professional
business. Your home is probably your family’s largest investment. Its sale should also be handled in a professional manner. That’s why 85% of all real estate is sold through Realtors.