Selling a house is emotionally draining. You must size up each situation and make the right move while keeping your emotions in check. You must think with your head – not your heart.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you are selling a house – not a home. It’s important to step back from all the memories and be an impartial observer. Stop using the word “home” when you talk about the “house” you are going to sell. Home is among the most emotionally weighted words in our language. Home is where your children were born, where you enjoyed holiday dinners and wonderful memories. You’ll have to forget the emotional connectors.

What you have for sale is a house. Think of it as an item, a piece of merchandise. Cherish the ‘memories of good times there by all means, but stop loving it. Sell a building. When you do that, you can evaluate its worth more accurately and market it more effectively. “Home” is where you’ll live after you sell your “house”!