There may be more than one reason why you want to sell your home.  Maybe you want a larger home in a better location. If your children have flown the nest (empty nester?), you may be considering the purchase of a condominium, co-op, townhouse or relocation. Whatever the reason, one of the first questions is how much is your house worth?

You know what you paid for your house initially and how much money you’ve put into improvements over the years. You also know how much it has cost to maintain the house in good condition. There is also the appreciation factor. Your home has appreciated tremendously in value because of low interest rates fueling housing demand, general inflation, good schools and higher incomes.
However, there are other factors to consider, such as what houses similar to yours are selling for. If you would like to sell your home now or in the future we can also provide you with a FREE written comparative market analysis and “Spruce-Up” report to ready your home for sale.