Even though you may be selling your home at a fair market value, expect most buyers to offer a lower price. In fact, a first offer can be low by thousands of dollars. Some buyers play the low-ball game of “what have I got to lose by coming in with a ridiculous bid?” it happens.

If the owner is trying to sell the home himself, he may panic and think he has overpriced his home. He might make the mistake of calling the prospect back and asking if he would be interested in buying at a price a little more than the low offer but much less than the property is worth. Now he becomes an anxious seller. The prospect is led to believe that his tactics have worked and may even insist that the price be reduced further by the amount of the broker’s commission.

This won’t happen when you sell through our office. Verbal offers don’t work. Every offer must be in writing and accompanied by check. No panic, just a business-like approach.