Human nature is strange. It is surprising to see some people trying to sell their home, probably their largest life time investment, without the help of an expert – a Realtor.

For the average homeowner, selling his/her home is one job that he/she should never tackle alone. One mistake could turn out to be extremely costly. For starters, you must have considerable knowledge regarding value. How much do you want for you home? How much do you think it’s worth? How much will a buyer pay? Three different questions with different answers. If you overprice it, you’re for sale sign could stay planted in your year like an ancient oak tree, or your ad in the paper will waste money and time. On the other hand, you might under price and give it away.

Today, the seller must be knowledgeable in the intricacies of financing, setting up their home for sale, negotiating, pre-inspections, etc. if you aren’t familiar with these – don’t try to sell on your own. Employ the professional experience of a Realtor. It must make sense because some 90% of homes are sold that way.