Did you know that over 95% of the time prospects DO NOT BUY THE HOUSE they look at in response to an ad in the classifieds? At this point, the valuable service of a Realtor begins. A Realtor can quickly suggest other listings he or she has or can get from other brokers which will more closely suit the buyer’s needs. It greatly accelerates the speed at which the buyer can reach his goal.

A Realtor will advise you of the right location, style based on your needs and wants, taxes, schools, construction and resale ability of the house, and will often tie the whole financial package together between the buyer, seller, and bank.

The Realtor’s most crucial help comes when the going gets rough. When buyer and seller come to an impasse, the broker will hopefully be the one to keep the sale from falling apart and help both parties benefit from the final result. Being a Realtor in today’s market is not an easy job but it is even tougher for an individual. Retaining the right Realtor pays in time, effort and money over and over again.