Know What You Want!

Nassau, Queens, Suffolk, and Kings (Brooklyn) counties offer some of the most varied housing options anywhere; as a result, you have many excellent options. Thus, it is important to focus in on some specifics in order to make your search as productive as possible. Some of the key items that you should resolve early on are as follows:

Your Budget:
For obvious reasons, this is probably the single most important factor. The price of an apartment depends on a variety of factors – size, location, building type, condition and features, among others – so it is critical that you determine your budget at the outset. As most buyers obtain a mortgage to finance the purchase, it is important that you become pre-qualified with an active mortgage.

Neighborhoods of Interest:
New York City and Long Island have dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own flavor and personality. A combination of factors can effect where you live: you might want to be close to work or your children’s schools; the school district might be your top priority; maybe being close to a park is important; perhaps being close to great restaurants and cafes is key. The good news is that New York offers something for everyone.

Home, Apartment, Commercial Lot Size and Features:
Do you need a one or two bedroom apartment? A large living area? A maid’s room or a home office? Are great views important? While determining which features are important, always keep in mind that there is a price for each one and therefore prioritize them based on how much you are willing to pay for each.

Building Type and Amenities:
The last major item that needs to be resolved is what type of building you want to purchase in. First, you need to decide if you prefer a house, co-op or a condo. Within each you have to decide what is important to you. For houses you may want a driveway that has a one or two car garage or an oversized living room with access to a backyard. Next, determine the importance of features such as doorman, concierge, pre-war, high rise, pet policy, health club / pool, etc.