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Safeguarding Your Offer

Last Updated on 11 September 2012 Published on 22 April 2013 Phil
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Although you have toured the property, looked at the walls and ceiling, turned on the faucets and played with the light switches, you have not lived in it. The seller has years of knowledge about his or her home and there may be some things you want to find out about as quickly as possible. For this reason, you will require certain disclosures as part of your offer.

Basically, you want


Closing & Transfer Of Possession

Last Updated on 11 September 2012 Published on 15 April 2013 Phil
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The Closing Date in the Offer

It is absolutely essential that you include a closing date as part of your offer: this way both you and the seller can make plans for moving, and the seller can make plans for buying his or her next home. Though most transactions actually do close on the right date, do not be so inflexible that a delay creates insurmountable problems.

For example, if you are


Contingencies & Earnest Money Deposit

Last Updated on 11 September 2012 Published on 08 April 2013 Phil
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Contingencies in an Offer to Purchase Real Estate

In most purchase transactions there may be a slight challenge or two, but most things will go quite smoothly. However, you want to anticipate potential problems so that if something does go wrong, you can cancel the contract without penalty. These are called "contingencies" and you must be sure to include them when you offer to buy a home.


Making Your Offer

Last Updated on 06 September 2012 Published on 01 April 2013 Phil
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Once you find the home you want to buy, the next step is to write an offer – which is not as easy as it sounds. Your offer is the first step toward negotiating a sales contract with the seller. Since this is just the beginning of negotiations, you should put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine his or her reaction to everything you include. Your goal is to get what you want, and imagining the sel


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