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Providing Top Notch Service Before, During & After The Sale!

Proper Documentation

Our focus is to make sure whether you are a seller, investor, purchaser, renter or lessee that all the necessary paperwork is provided to make the transaction seamless and stress-free.  We will do our best to assist in guiding  you through the sometimes complicated process so we both have a clear understanding of each others responsibilities the time we will be working together.

Outstanding Properties

There will be multitude of choices with many varied and types of properties, whether single or multi-family homes, HOA, Townhomes, Condos, Co-ops, residential rentals and commercial sales and leases.

Real Experts in Real Estate

With our 75+ years of knowledge and expertise, there will be no questions that we can’t tackle and do our best to answer.  When not sure, we will do the necessary and required research to find answers and solutions to problems and issues that might arise during the process of selling, investing, purchasing, renting and leasing residential and commercial properties

Special Prices

We will tell you the most advantageous and best times to consider purchasing and the reasons why. Our negotiating skills and adapt knowledge will help when putting in your offers.  As the current market changes so will the motivation of some sellers.  We are creative and “think outside the box” when devising a plan that is a win/win situation for sellers and buyers in enabling some buyers to save money by have some sellers who don’t need the money from the sale to consider providing a short or possibly long term mortgage.  This will save the buyer(s)  some bank closing costs as well as have whatever capital gains that the seller might have to pay and be spread out over a longer period of time while gaining way above average interest on their mortgage that the banks will not be able to match. The market is now changing and with that scenario, price appreciation will decelerate and will moderate, and come down from the past double-digit increases as interest rates continue to rise  to ease our rampant inflation of 2022.  Due to the lack of current inventory, unless something catastrophic occurs we don’t see prices crashing as they did in the implosion of the market in 2008, when housing inventory peaked at 11 months.

Expert & knowledgeable Support

When needed, we will hold your hand from start to finish as many of our past and future clients have never experienced living in their own home.  Your experience may have been limited to a rental and have had very little experience in the purchasing transaction. There always be questions and concerns that will be addressed during the purchasing process and we will be committed and laser focused on answering all of them and solving whatever glitches that may occur that might side track the sale.  We will always handle them to the best of our ability in a professional and expert fashion to deal with whatever issues pop up and minimize a buyer’s stress.  With our 75+ years of knowledge and experience, we approach problems with an open mind to come up with answers and create pragmatic and logical solutions to come to successful and happy conclusions.

We are known for “Service, Before, During and  After the Sale”

Successful and Happy Closings

Whether it is a sale of a home or commercial property taking a few months to over a year providing Turn Key Real Estate with a large commission check or much smaller fee for a 48 hour signing of a lease, our commitment to our clients is second to none.  For us, it is not about the money we receive but the success and satisfaction that our clients feel and the smile(s) on their faces when all is said and done. We will always be there from start to finish in whatever fashion we can to always create a happy ending.  Our future business depends on our clients that know that we are the “Go To” Brokerage for real estate.  We stay in touch with you as we have developed the necessary rapport and long term relationships that you can always depend upon us today and into the future.  Moreover our weekly column is another powerful way to keep you in the loop with current and cutting edge information on the real estate and business world.  We have 125,000+ subscribers locally in 52 towns in 11 local weekly papers on Long Island, Queens, NYC and its 5 Boroughs, and domestically and globally. Here are the links to subscribe:

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The “Life Blood and success of any business is dependent on current and former clients being happy with our services by providing us reviews and testimonials leading to recommendations from them. So, “We are and Never Will Be too busy for your referrals.”

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