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Are you ready to jump start your career in business without encountering a scam? Are you looking for a change? Do you need a career that is also an exciting challenge? Are you ready to create your ownpersonal freedom?

Turn Key Real Estate is looking for laid off top producers, returnees, unfulfilled retirees (who need a shot at a new career and are willing to bite the bullet!), the aspiring, the hungry, the just out of school business and advertising majors! We need goal oriented people who seek a full time career or part-time income who are yearning to discover an exciting new venture and journey.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will enable you to work hands on with a licensed graduate of the Realtor institute and owner of a successful real estate agency. Phil Raices will train you on how to become a top producer in the real estate world, regardless of what the economy predicts! You will be given fresh, new and exciting techniques on how to run this business like it’s your own! We provide super commission splits plus extras for the cream of the crop seasoned agents who are tired of the regular run of the mill office and unreasonable commission splits (we pay up to 90/10 splits to top producers!), franchise fees and/or tacked on miscellaneous fees.

Our team’s spirited environment consists of caring, honest and credible agents who will train and help you provide the superior service that customers & clients are yearning for! We promise a fun, enjoyable and rewarding environment. We will show and guide you to personal satisfaction that you can reach through planned, thorough and attainable goals. Lastly, you will succeed in attaining financial and mental freedom from the daily grind!

We will guide & nurture your growth so you will succeed within our company
when you provide the necessary effort, discipline & sacrifice.

Are you already an agent & unhappy with your environment?
Perhaps you feel that your broker hasn’t given you enough education about your business?

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