So you are considering renting as an option to purchasing. You may have a multitude of reasons why your thoughts are moving in that direction; lack of income, not enough down payment, credit issues, divorce issues, short term plans, moving out of the area in a year or two or whatever your reasons are. However, if you are open to the idea of our Turn Key Team seeing if we can ascertain and strategize a possibility of putting you in an ownership position, let’s discuss the options.

However, if after we converse and there is no way ownership will work, then we will delve into what your specific “needs and wants” are in searching for a rental. We will need to know your maximum budget, verified income, credit profile and credit scores, how many years that you will be renting, how many people will be residing in the space, as well as when you need to move by. Also, will parking be mandatory, do you have any pets and other pertinent information that we will be discussing with you to qualify you for the best rental that will work for you and/or your family. We work throughout Long Island, e.g. Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, New York City and its 5 Boroughs as well as upstate New York. We can also help you relocate in the future to other states as well as internationally too! We will always be available to assist you “Before, During and After the Sale” Our best compliment from our clients when all is said and done are your future referrals, which is the “life blood” of all successful businesses.

“Try us, you will really like Us.” Call Phil A Raices, Pres/CEO for further assistance: (Office) +1(516) 829-2205 and (Mobile) +1(516) 647-4289.

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