Andrew S. M

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you’ve done for my wife and me. In the beginning of 1997, you showed us real estate in Great Neck. We were looking specifically in the Great Neck Terrace apartment complex. You had a plethora of apartments to show covering a broad range of prices. There were some thate needed some TLC. I recall a different apartment you shown us-one with a glass block bedroom wall. After studying floor plans, we decided on the model of apartment that would best suit us. You came through, finding us not only the aprtment model we wanted, but in the location we desired. You provided us with service during the sale, but providing us with service after the sale was most impressive. At closing you told us to keep you in mind for when the time came for us to sell. We informed you that it wouldn’t be for af ew years. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, we called you about a year after we moved in. Your approach to selling our home was most professional. You counseled us as to what fair market value was and what af air asking price would be. You showed our apartment to only those who were true prospects and not those who were simply looking around to get ideas. From what I understand, our apartment enticed many of the people to who you showed it. You were able to get us the price we were hopeing to get for the apartment-one of the highest prices the development. We are most pleased with the way you havwe worked with us and for us when we were looking to purchase an apartment and then when we went to sell the very same unit. We highly recommend you to others who are looking to purchase in our development and elsewhere. Thank you again, for all you’ve done. Sincerely