Broker Preview

A Broker Preview is an event where all members of the local Multiple Listing Service can view your home within the first week of it being placed on the market. While this is similar to an office preview, not all agents will attend. To entice more agents to visit, you can offer free food. It may seem strange, but many agents have been on this circuit for years and appreciate a unique culinary treat. Sandwiches from the local grocery chain won’t cut it if you want to stand out.

Broker PreviewBy being creative and original with your food offerings, you can help your agent sell your home quickly. However, some agents will still visit your home even if food isn’t offered. Keep in mind that the broker preview is an excellent opportunity to get your home in front of a large number of agents, so it’s important to make the most of it. Encourage your agent to prepare professional and appealing marketing materials to hand out at the preview. With the right presentation and some tasty treats, your home is sure to catch the attention of potential buyers.

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