An Offer Seller Can not Refuse

When selling a home, the highest bidder doesn’t always win. A seller might accept a lower offer from a financially stable buyer. To make an offer more attractive, buyers can remove the finance contingency clause. But, they should never remove the mortgage contingency clause unless they have the cash to complete the transaction.

An Offer Seller Can not Refuse

Additionally, another factor that could make your offer more attractive to a seller is a shorter closing period. This can be especially beneficial in a competitive market where the seller wants to close the deal quickly. If you can show that you are ready and able to close in a shorter time frame, the seller may be more likely to accept your offer over others.

Another thing to consider is including an escalation clause in your offer. This is a clause that states that you are willing to increase your offer by a certain amount if the seller receives a higher offer from another buyer. This can show the seller that you are serious about purchasing the home and willing to compete for it.

Ultimately, the key to making a successful offer is to understand the seller’s priorities and tailor your offer to meet them. By doing your research and working with a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can create an offer that is both attractive to the seller and meets your own needs and budget.

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