Listing Vs Selling Agents

Listing Vs Selling Agents

You see, there are two “sides” to every sale: the listing side and the selling side. Most deals have an agent representing each side, so there are generally two agents involved the seller’s side is represented by the listing agent. The buyer’s side is represented by the selling agent (also known as the buyer’s agent).

Agents can deal with both buyers and sellers, but the majority of them tend to focus their efforts on one or the other. Some even exclusively handle either buyers or sellers.

So what should you do?

We simply recommend that you take as much care to hire a real estate agent as you would for any other professional. Ask questions. Ask about education, experience, and focus.

After all, buying your next house is probably the biggest purchase you’ve ever made in your life. Does it make more sense to find your agent by accident…or by design?

If Cars Were Homes:

Imagine that automobiles are sold like real estate, with no more car lots or dealerships.   Both new and used cars are just parked on the street.  So if you want a Ford, there are no more Ford dealerships.  No more Lexus dealerships or any other kind of dealerships, either.  If you want to look for a car on your own, you just drive around and see what you can find.  Even then, you can only look at the outside, because you don’t have the keys.

There are some people that have the keys.  They also have a computer that tells them where all the cars are parked, what model and year they are, what size engine they have, and how many miles are on the odometer.  They get paid a commission for selling the cars.

Some of these commissioned agents just sit around and look at the computer, waiting for the phone to ring.  Some of them go out and locate the new cars, physically inspect the interior and exterior, and flip on the ignition to listen to the sound of the engine.   They are interested in finding the best cars so their customers refer future clients to them.

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